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Wireless level monitoring of liquids and solids

January 25, 2024

Wireless level monitoring of liquids and solids

Level measurement is the process of measuring the level of a liquid or solid material inside an industrial tank, container or other vessel. The fill level is calculated from the distance between the surface of a liquid or solid material and a predefined reference point. 

Monitoring the level of liquids and solids, such as water, fuels, chemicals, and sand, is essential for many industries and productions. When the level of controlled liquids or solids reaches a certain threshold, it’s important to send an alarm to an operator to prevent potential failures, outages, and financial losses. 

To show how this can be achieved in practice, the Prylada team has created a demo of wireless level monitoring of liquids and solids and showcased it for the first time at SPS 2023. The demo set consists of the Prylada IoT Gateway, a level sensor, and a container with a solid material.

The Prylada IoT Gateway uses the sensor to read data about the container fill level in real time and transmit it to a remote control system over a mobile network. The control system can run in the Prylada Cloud, a private cloud, or a local customer’s server, where the collected data can be stored, analyzed, and visualized. 

Industrial tanks and containers that are either overfilled or underfilled can pose a serious risk to their owner companies and the environment, such as dangerous spills, equipment damage, and accidents. Wireless level monitoring is particularly useful in situations when the controlled containers are located in hard-to-reach places and require additional efforts to maintain. Furthermore, it is challenging and costly to arrange constant physical control by maintenance teams.

If you want to wirelessly monitor the level of liquids and solids in industrial containers or tanks, you can trust Prylada to help you set up a monitoring system. Just email us at contact@prylada.com, and we will contact you to discuss your case together.

What is Prylada?

Prylada is a complex IoT solution designed to collect data from distributed infrastructure assets and transport it to a central monitoring software for analysis and visualization. With Prylada, you can turn the collected data into high-value information to empower your business.