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Prylada asset monitoring demos at SPS 2023

November 23, 2023

Prylada asset monitoring demos at SPS 2023

The Prylada team has just returned from the Smart Production Solutions 2023, which took place in Nuremberg, Germany, from November 14th to 16th. During the trade fair, our representatives showcased the Prylada hardware and software products that allow building a remote asset monitoring system from scratch or strengthening an existing solution. 

Last year, our company participated in the trade fair as a visitor, while this year, we exhibited a variety of demo installations and real products at our booth. Among the installations demonstrating how Prylada can be applied for different monitoring purposes, our visitors could find the following:

#1 Hardware testing (HIL)

The demonstration of how Prylada’s Probeberry Testbench allows connecting a device under test to a testing software and running a set of predefined scenarios, to verify that the device works as intended. As a device under test, our team used the Prylada Core. All data from the device was visualized in the Prylada Cloud. 

#2 Vibration monitoring

The demonstration of how the Prylada WASP can measure a vibration level in industrial machines.  

For reference: The process of monitoring rotating equipment such as pumps, motors, turbines, fans, and compressors is necessary to recognize abnormal vibration that may indicate frustration, breakdowns, or procedure limitations.

#3 Remote monitoring of deflection angle

The demonstration of how the Prylada Wireless Sensor Platform (WASP) allows measuring a deflection angle. For that, our team used a 3-section steel rod with deflection sensors and demonstrated the measurement results in a custom dashboard.    

#4 Measuring distance to an object 

The demonstration of how the Prylada WASP can be equipped with a radar to measure distance to an object. 

#5 Energy harvesting from vibration, solar, and electromagnetic sources

The demonstration of how the Prylada WASP can be powered from different ambient energy sources, such as vibration, solar panels, or electromagnetic waves. Permanent monitoring of equipment condition at production facilities requires constant operation of sensors and other devices included in the monitoring system. In such circumstances, energy saving practices play an essential role for reducing total production and maintenance costs. 

The booth was also equipped with the operating diagrams that visualized both wireless and non-wireless data transfer scenarios.

The complex approach of Prylada and its capability to build a proper asset monitoring process from bottom up attracted the most attention from our guests and other trade fair participants.

It was a great pleasure for Prylada to meet with other companies from the industry, learn more about their technologies and products, as well as discuss potential partnership. By demonstrating our solutions and exchanging information with the audience, we better learn our customer needs. In turn, this helps us adjust the solutions to specific requests and increase awareness of the value from condition monitoring and predictive maintenance across industries.

We would like to express our gratitude to the organizers of this bright networking event and all our partners who spent their time to come see us and talk to us. 

What is Prylada?

Prylada is a complex IoT solution designed to collect data from distributed infrastructure assets and transport it to a central monitoring software for analysis and visualization. With Prylada, you can turn the collected data into high-value information to empower your business.