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Non-contact liquid level control solution

Elevate your liquid level measurement precision with truly-wireless radar sensor system by Prylada. Our technology ensures accurate readings without the need for direct contact, offering unparalleled reliability in industrial applications.

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Addressing the challenge of liquid level measurement

In industrial settings, accurate measurement of liquid levels is crucial to prevent potential hazards like spills, equipment damage, and accidents, which can negatively impact both businesses and the environment. Traditional methods often fall short, especially when dealing with tanks and containers situated in hard-to-reach, demanding constant surveillance and significant resources for maintenance.

Non-contact level monitoring emerges as a vital solution, offering precise measurements without the need for constant physical oversight. This innovative approach not only enhances safety but also streamlines operations by reducing the load on maintenance teams and mitigating the risk of overfilling or underfilling.

Addressing the challenge of liquid level measurement

Prylada solution for non-contact liquid level detection

The Prylada IoT Gateway seamlessly integrates with a radar sensor to provide real-time data on container fill levels. Using mobile network connectivity, this information is further transmitted to a remote control system. Whether hosted on the Prylada Cloud, a private cloud, or your local server, our solution empowers you to store, analyze, and visualize collected data with ease.

Prylada solution for non-contact liquid level detectionPrylada solution for non-contact liquid level detection

How liquid level sensor works

Liquid level sensor

A radar level sensor is a type of non-contact sensors that uses pulsed coherent radar (PCR) technology to measure the distance to the surface of various objects. For example, the distance from a liquid level to the top of a container or vessel.

Operating principle

The sensor emits a microwave signal, measuring the signal's reflection time to calculate the distance to the liquid surface. This information is then used to determine the liquid level.

How liquid level sensor works
Difference from ultrasonic sensors

While similar to ultrasonic sensors, radar-based sensors perform better when there is foam, dust, or other particulates in the air. They are less affected by environmental conditions like temperature and humidity. Radar's reliability and repeatability are influenced by the fluid's dielectric constant. However, radar can compensate for fixed structures within the container and would skip this part. Additionally, radar-based sensors' working distance is normally bigger compared to one ultrasonic.

Power supply

Prylada solutions use 60 GHz radar sensor that is totally wireless and energy-autonomous. These sensors transfer data over the Sub-GHz network and can be powered from one of 3 energy sources:


DC network

Low-voltage renewable energy sources

Low-voltage renewable energy sources

*(such as solar cells, vibro-, termo-, and RF- transducers)



Radar level sensor specifications
Measurement distance

up to 20m

Measurement accuracy

better than 5mm

Battery life span

up to 5 years

DC power supply



1..3 D-size 3.6V

Energy harvesting power input

up to 7.5V, AC or DC, >0.8V, >1mA


5.5mm x 5.2mm x 0.88mm

Liquid level monitoring by Prylada. What can be measured?

Explore the versatility of Prylada's level control solution, capable of accurately measuring the level of a wide array of substances, including:



Sticky liquids










Additional application options
  • High precision distance measurements with mm accuracy and high update rate.
  • Proximity detection with high accuracy and the possibility to define multiple proximity zones.
  • Presence detection and velocity measurement.
  • Material detection and classification.
  • High precision object tracking, enabling robot navigation.
  • Surface flow velocity measurement.
  • Monitoring of vital life signs such as breathing and pulse rate.

Ensure your operational safety with liquid level control

What differentiates Prylada from other solutions?

Light weight and compact size of the components

Light weight and compact size of the components.

Wireless communication: no extra cables to manage and secure data transfer

Wireless communication: no extra cables to manage and secure data transfer.

Convenient and easy installation, manageable by a single specialist 

Convenient and simple installation, manageable by a single specialist.

Easy maintenance with minimal spare parts needed

Easy maintenance with minimal spare parts needed.

Measurement parameters scalability (air quality, temperature, and other)

Measurement parameters scalability (unlimited number of sensors and locations).

Enhance operational efficiency through
 easy-to-use radar level measurement

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