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Remote monitoring of self-storage facilities

Prylada provides an inclusive IoT-based solution for self-storage remote monitoring to help storage providers and their tenants control self-storage facilities around the clock.

Explore monitoring options

Situations where self-storage facility monitoring is needed

Water leak detection

Water leak detection

Vigilance against weather-induced leaks and flooding from both external sources such as sprinkler systems and neighboring businesses.

Various sensors supported

Climate control management

Prevention of potential damage caused by fluctuations in temperature and humidity, safeguarding both the facility itself and the belongings of renters.

Security surveillance

Security surveillance

Monitoring against unauthorized access, trespassing, and break-ins, mitigating the risks of theft and property damage.

Our monitoring solution offers the flexibility to observe all parameters simultaneously and comprehensively, or to tailor the surveillance to specific client needs, ensuring optimal security and protection for stored assets.

The role of self-storage security monitoring

The self-storage industry has specific security monitoring requirements that Prylada is qualified to fulfill. Secure your storage facility with our solution, designed to ensure that any threats to your property, assets, or people are managed and acted upon.

The role of self-storage security monitoring

How to monitor self-storage facilities with Prylada?

Our remote monitoring solution is designed to support the idea of modern shipping and help keep the related processes reliable. With Prylada, the providers of self-storage facilities can remotely oversee their state, receiving prompt notifications in the event of damage or security threats.

How to monitor self-storage facilitiesHow to monitor self-storage facilities

Components that make up the solution

Sensors type
Temperature and humidity sensor

To measure relative humidity and temperature in an individual atorage unit.

Wireless water detection sensor

To detect leaks, pooling, and flooding.

Motion and occupancy sensor

To detect trespassers and unauthorized access after-hours.

Open-closed sensors

To detect entry and send alerts anytime around the clock

Shock sensor

To detect sudden impact or vibration

Wirelessly transfer data from the sensors to a remote control center run locally or in a cloud.

Available connectivity
Digital input/output
Programmable input/output
Analog input/output
Bistable relay

(Optional; an alternative to a private cloud or a local server)

Stores, analyzes, and visualizes the collected data. It also enables remote management of all connected gateways.

Available license options
Usage-based pricing (subscription)
Custom licensing agreements
Perpetual license (including OEM options)
Hybrid licensing

Automate remote self-storage monitoring with a single solution

Protect your storage facilities against potential damage and threats with Prylada

Self-storage remote monitoring, easily and effectively

The solution by Prylada is designed to provide robust infrastructure safety and asset protection. With predictive maintenance features leveraging trending data and real-time alerts, anticipate and address issues before they escalate, ensuring uninterrupted service and sustained business growth. Gain the peace of mind with proactive measures against potential threats, from water leaks to any unforeseen challenges, safeguarding your facility and delivering exceptional customer satisfaction.

Remote self-storage control, 24/7

A sensor is installed within each self-storage facility, continuously monitoring critical aspects such as locks, cash terminals, and stored assets. Measurement data from the sensor is transmitted to a web-based or mobile application, allowing providers to monitor their facilities remotely.


Reliable components

We make self-storage monitoring useful and affordable with the devices that guarantee long service life and requires little to no maintenance. Our industrial-grade hardware delivers reliability across a wide range of applications and environments.


Cloud or on-premises accessibility

You can access the sensor data either on a local network or remotely via the cloud, depending on your preferred configuration.


Integration with third-party monitoring systems

The Prylada API and industrial standard inputs/outputs allow you to integrate measurement data with other control systems. This flexibility also opens up possibilities for future scalability.

There's a noteworthy ROI when offering a value-enhancing remote monitoring service to self-storage tenants. This can be efficiently overseen through an online dashboard accessible on both mobile devices and computers. Additionally, you can receive timely alerts via email, text, or phone calls through a diverse range of quickly deployable IoT sensors and meters.

How you will benefit from Prylada

You can offer Prylada's remote monitoring as an additional service to tenants, complementing the maintenance, security, locks, and video surveillance of entrance gates already in place at the company. The solution can be easily installed and transferred between sites.

Light weight and compact size of the components

Light weight and compact size of the components

Wireless communication: no extra cables to manage and secure data transfer

Wireless communication: no extra cables to manage and secure data transfer

Convenient and easy installation, manageable by a single specialist 

Convenient and easy installation, manageable by a single specialist

Integration with building management systems (BMS)

Integration with building management systems (BMS)

Measurement parameters scalability (air quality, temperature, and other)

Measurement parameters scalability (unlimited number of sensors and locations)

Experience the cost value of  self-storage monitoring  

Long-term financial benefits

Investing in self-storage monitoring brings long-term savings. By minimizing the frequency and impact of damage and security incidents, you mitigate costly property losses. The investment in self-storage live monitoring is typically balanced by savings resulting from reduced repairs and replacements.

Insurance advantages

Insurance companies may offer discounts or lower premiums to self-storage facilities equipped with live monitoring system. This is because these systems can proactively prevent incidents, resulting in fewer insurance claims and sustained financial savings for self-storage facilities.

Ensure the safest conditions for your self-storage facilities with Prylada’s remote monitoring solution.

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