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Smart city waste management

Prylada provides an inclusive IoT-based solution for effective monitoring of smart bins and waste management.

Smart city waste managementWatch a demo
Smart city waste management

How Prylada works

Embedded sensors control the speed of bins filling up and provide a relevant signal once they are full to a central control panel. Data from the sensors is wirelessly sent to the Prylada Cloud or a customer’s monitoring system via the Prylada Gateway.

Waste management operating principleWaste management operating principle

From sensor to user, with a single solution

What you can monitor with Prylada

Bin level


Bin location

Carbon dioxide

Waste type

Bring visibility to waste collection monitoring

With the Prylada Cloud, you will get all measurements from distributed sensors in a single user-friendly interface, where the data is processed, displayed, and stored. Keep informed about the filling level of the waste bins in the controlled area.

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Make waste management smart

The received data unlocks endless possibilities, such as planning better distribution of bins, eliminating incorrect disposal practices, and even reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.

Control bins remotely in real time, 24/7

You can embed multiple sensors into waste bins to constantly monitor their status. With the sensors, you can also see how frequently the bins are emptied, and what they contain.


Understand waste production dynamics

Get full observability over smart bins located around a city.  Make accurate analysis of the waste production and disposal based on real values.


Evaluate smart bin infrastructure in terms of density, efficiency and cost

Plan better bin infrastructure based on the waste production dynamics in different parts of the controlled area, whether it’s a park or a city.


Optimize waste collection routes and frequency

Decrease fuel consumption and other associated costs by only emptying the bins that are full.

How you will benefit from Prylada

Low-cost implementation

Configure and launch quickly, without spending time on costly software adjustments.


Get a tailored solution exclusively for your case with the modular design and extended communication capabilities of Prylada. Flexibility of the solution provides easy integration with any existing system.

Complex approach

Prylada can be implemented as an independent or a complementary solution to empower your current monitoring system if it has some blind spots to cover.


Scale your waste management system to an unlimited number of locations, from businesses to cities, whenever you feel the necessity.

Eliminate all waste management blind spots with an inclusive solution
from a single provider.

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