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Smart air quality monitoring

Prylada provides an IoT-based air quality monitoring system to control weather conditions, concentration of toxic and flammable gases outdoors or indoors.

Smart air quality monitoring Watch a demo
Smart air quality monitoring

How Prylada works

Prylada is compatible with most of the air and weather monitoring devices available on the market. Therefore, it can be used as a system that integrates all sensors used in an organization and aggregates data from them in one place.

Prylada IoT Gateway operating principlePrylada IoT Gateway operating principle

From sensor to user, with a single solution

What you can monitor with Prylada



Carbon monoxide

Carbon dioxide

Sulfur dioxide

Smoke detection



Nitric oxide

Particulate matter 2.5

Particulate matter 2.5

Bring visibility to air quality monitoring

With the Prylada Cloud, you will get all measurements from distributed sensors in a single user-friendly interface, where the data is processed, displayed, and stored. Keep informed and alerted with the critical events happening in the controlled area.

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Make air quality monitoring clearer

Prylada indicates the current air quality, provides an alarm once a threshold is exceeded, logs the changes with a timestamp, and more.

Measure air pollution levels at different locations around the city

We support our customers at the planning stage to help you come up with the solution fitting best your monitoring needs. Prylada has extended connectivity capabilities and partners with the leading sensor manufacturers, so you are not limited in your choice.


Analyze the collected data, select measures to improve air quality

Get full observability over the weather conditions and air quality.  Make accurate analysis of the environmental situation based on real values. Create air pollution forecasts and preventive measures to reduce pollutants concentration.


Assess whether the measures taken are working

With the constantly updating information, you can easily decide whether the selected methods are right and timely adjust them to the changing conditions.


Control all sensors remotely

You can manage all embedded sensors wirelessly via the Prylada Cloud. Change the settings anytime and update the Gateway firmware over-the-air.

How you will benefit from Prylada

Low-cost implementation

Configure and launch quickly, without spending time on costly software adjustments.


Get a tailored solution exclusively for your case with the modular design and extended communication capabilities of Prylada. Flexibility of the solution provides easy integration with any existing system.

Complex approach

Prylada can be implemented as an independent or a complementary solution to empower your current monitoring system if it has some blind spots to cover.


Scale your air quality monitoring system to an unlimited number of locations, from businesses to cities, whenever you feel the necessity.

Eliminate all air quality monitoring blind spots with an inclusive solution
from a single provider.

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