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Complementary solution for data center environmental monitoring

*The client is under NDA


Designed to support the company’s vital IT operations and assets, data centers are expected to ensure the highest level of security and robustness. To achieve that, owners of data centers implement special monitoring and management systems, which may still leave some uncovered parameters and distributed gaps in the monitoring of physical assets.



The challenge lay in enhancing the environmental monitoring in a data center by defining hidden inefficiencies in the existing asset control and eliminating them. The purpose of the project was to increase the safety level of the housed equipment and further strengthen the data center compliance with the industry standards.

A particular difficulty of the task was represented by the complexity and multi-level dependencies of the existing system, which the Prylada team had to take into account when selecting and implementing new sensors.
The existing components had already formed a holistic system, so additional adjustments and adaptation of the customer’s monitoring system posted certain risks to its cohesive design. The new components required full customization and adaptiveness, to seamlessly integrate them into the data center infrastructure with minimum hardware and software adjustments.

Moreover, the solution was to be implemented in a short time by a single provider, without additional engineering resources from the customer’s side.


Why the client chose our data center environmental monitoring system

Out-of-the-box solution

Out-of-the-box solution

Reasonable price


Optimal operation process (without additional steps)

Optimal operation process (without additional steps)

Short timeframe




The Pryada team performed an extensive analysis of the requirements applied in the data center industry to the physical assets monitoring and managed to identify the uncovered and partially covered parameters in the customer’s system. The defined list of monitoring inefficiencies mostly included parameters from the three categories: air quality, asset safety, and physical security.

It only took the team a month to select the most appropriate sensors on the market, purchase them, and perform all procedures on adapting the sensors to the customer’s assets to embed with.

Below, you can find the list of parameters the team aimed to cover by the prepared sensors:

Asset safety

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Light
  • Freon concentration
    (leakage of air conditioner)
  • Liquid leak

Air quality and flow

  • CO2
  • SO2
  • Air quality 968-009 (respiratory
    irritants gas sensor)
  • CO
  • NO

Physical security

  • Door status
  • Movement detection
Another month the team dedicated to working on the configuration of the Prylada hardware and software modules, to make them compatible with the existing monitoring system used at the data center.

The final delivery kit included 4 Prylada IoT Gateways, each of them receiving data from 4 embedded sensors (16 total) via the analog input interface and sending it to the Prylada Cloud for further analysis and visualization on the user interface.
Complementary  solution for data center environmental monitoringComplementary  solution for data center environmental monitoring


Current status of the project

The solution was successfully implemented in the customer's environment and performs its function in the full extent.


Benefits of the implemented monitoring system

Remote configuration of the Prylada hardware

The delivered Prylada Gateways transfer the collected data to the Prylada Cloud wirelessly, via the NB-IoT network. This enables the customer to configure all the sensors remotely via the admin panel, adjust the settings anytime, and update the firmware over-the-air automatically.

Failsafe monitoring

The independent NB-IoT network maintains the monitoring functionality even in case of the main network failure, thus ensuring true stability and safety of the monitoring system and the data center.

Power over Internet (PoE)

The Prylada Gateways can be powered via twisted-pair Ethernet cabling, which simplifies their inclusion into the existing monitoring system. There is no need to adjust the data center infrastructure and provide a separate power source for the new components.

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