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Remote water tank level monitoring

Prylada provides an inclusive IoT-based solution for remote monitoring of water tank level. The solution can also cover monitoring of other liquids, such as oil, fuel, or chemicals.

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How to monitor water tank level with Prylada

The Prylada water tank level sensors offer flexibility and accuracy you need to measure a tank water level, while our programmable logic controllers allow you to turn the received data into action. Once the water rises or drops to a certain level, our equipment generates a command according to the predefined scenario.

How to monitor water tank level with PryladaHow to monitor water tank level

Automate asset monitoring, with a single solution

Water tank level monitoring, easily and effectively

Remote water tank level monitoring can help operators optimize water usage, detect leaks, and ensure water safety. By removing the need for manual examinations and maintenance visits, it also helps reduce operational costs. 

Remote control of water level in multiple tanks, 24/7

A sensor is installed in a tank, and the measurement data from the sensor is transmitted to a local control panel or to a web-based application. The water level monitoring is also valuable in situations when a tank is located in hard-to-reach places, and a sensor needs only be installed once and then monitored remotely.


Reliable water level sensors

We make remote water level monitoring useful and affordable with sensors and controllers that guarantee long service life and requires little to no maintenance. Our industrial-grade hardware delivers reliability across a wide range of applications and environments.


No-code programmable scenarios

You can easily set an operating scenario for the Prylada programmable controllers via a user interface. While we support scripting, no code is required to program a water level monitoring process. 


Integration with third-party monitoring systems

The Prylada API and industrial standard inputs/outputs allow sending the measurement data to other control systems and seamlessly integrate with other factory devices, thus opening great potential for future scalability. 

How you will benefit from Prylada

Industrial-grade hardware

The Prylada hardware features the protection degree of IP65 and is suitable for usage in industrial conditions.


Get a tailored solution specifically for your case with the modular design and extended communication capabilities of Prylada.

Complex approach  

Prylada can be implemented as a full-fledged or a complementary solution to empower your current monitoring system if it has some blind spots to cover.


Scale your water level monitoring system to an unlimited number of sensors and locations, whenever you feel the necessity.

Optimize water usage, detect leaks, and ensure water safety through remote monitoring

Optimize your operational costs with remote water tank level monitoring

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