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Prylada IoT Gateway (ADH-02)

Designed to collect data from sensors and wirelessly transfer it to a control panel. Modular hardware with popular interfaces makes it easy to assemble and adjust the gateway to your needs and scale the monitoring system.

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Prylada IoT Gateway (ADH-02)

Operating principle

The Prylada IoT Gateway is connected to sensors, which read data from your physical assets. The data collected from the sensors is then sent to the Prylada Cloud, a private cloud, or an on-premises server, depending on your business requirements.

The gateway transfers the data in a raw format via the NB-IoT or LTE wireless protocol. You can use an admin panel to convert the received raw data into a user-readable format and visualize it on intuitive widgets. The admin panel is also used to configure the gateway remotely and automatically update the firmware over-the-air.

Prylada IoT Gateway operating principlePrylada IoT Gateway operating principle


Prylada IoT Gateway features

Simplified design to quickly and easily build IoT infrastructure

LTE-M / NB-IoT modem with GPS, 700-2200Hhz

Isolated on-the-fly software programmable inputs/outputs, 4x

Digital outputs (one high-side and one low-side switches), 2x

Bistable relay

Vout, 3.3V 300mA (power for sensors)

Digital 24V tolerant inputs, 3x

Available interfaces

The interfaces enable the IoT Gateway to communicate with the connected sensors. Whenever you need to transfer data via an interface that is not available by default, or you want to increase the number of interfaces in one device, you can equip the gateway with additional expansion boards. Such a modular design and simple configuration of the Prylada devices allow you to cover a wide range of usage scenarios and build a truly stable system that requires minimum maintenance.


The supported LTE Cat-M1 and LTE Cat-NB1/NB2 (NB-IoT) are two of the most popular IoT connectivity options, which allow fulfilling any data transmission requirements for IoT gateways.

Digital input/output

With the digital inputs, you can control switching the alarm contacts and monitor other specific processes. The digital outputs also allow you to remotely interact with a variety of devices.

Isolated on-the-fly software programmable inputs/outputs

The software programmable interfaces are designed to perform one of the following functions (based on HART compatible ad74413):

  • Analog input 4-20 mA / Analog input 0-10 V
  • Analog output 4-20 mA / Analog output 0-10 V
  • Digital input (configurable on-the-fly)
  • Type I, Type II and Type III of the IEC 61131-2 compatible with programmable sink current and threshold. Debounce and counter functionality.
  • Loop powered mode digital input (“dry contact”)
  • RTD measurement

Bistable relay

In addition to the digital outputs, the relay enables you to remotely control third-party devices. The bistable relay can be used when the end equipment should stay switched on even when the Prylada IoT Gateway is off.



Download the datasheet to get the detailed information on the Prylada Gateway features and specifications.

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User Manual

Download the user manual to learn how to get started with the Prylada Gateway and collect data from your physical assets.

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