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Automated brewery monitoring solution

Prylada offers low-cost IoB (Internet of Beer) smart solutions that cover all brewing process monitoring needs. By bringing simplicity and transparency into the beer production control, craftsmen are able to focus on making their product better and gaining competitive advantages.

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Get full control over brewery processes with Prylada

Set asset monitoring from scratch

Set brewery monitoring from scratch

Prylada is a self-sufficient and complex solution with a modular design: hardware, firmware and software modules. Each module is highly customizable and may comprise several submodules. Due to such flexibility, you will be up and running with a monitoring system quickly and easily.

Receive measured data wirelessly

Receive measured data wirelessly

This is especially valuable for small breweries with limited space and budget. Cabled systems are exposed to frequent damages related to contamination and size of the equipment used.  Prylada sensors can transport data wirelessly.

Build a monitoring system from low-energy components

Build a monitoring system from low-energy components

Prylada provides energy-efficient equipment to automate your brewery monitoring. Moreover, sensors can help monitor the total power consumption at the brewery or detect power overuse in various sub-departments.

Discover new solutions for consumption optimization

Discover new ideas for productivity optimization

Collected data allows you to detect every bottleneck in the brewing process, improve production processes and maintenance forecasts, as well as ensure success of your recipe experiments.

Enable beer production control from mash to pint

Enable control from mash to pint

You can connect sensors to every component you need to monitor. The data from connected sensors are automatically aggregated and sent to a common control unit for further processing, thus providing a full picture of the whole production flow.

Scale your asset monitoring system easy and fast

Scale your monitoring system easy and fast

You can create a network of devices with multiple sensors and manage it as a system. Whenever you want to expand your production or feel the necessity to track new things, you can add an unlimited number of sensors to the existing system.

What you can monitor with Prylada

Power and water consumption

Liquid leakage

Air temperature,

Air quality and flow

Load distribution and vibration


Lightening level



Door status


Distance and movenement

How brewery automation works

Prylada, as an IoB provider, offers a highly customizable solution that enables brewers to get full control over the beer production processes.

 Decide on your current challenges and define parameters to monitor

We support our customers at the planning stage to help you come up with the solution fitting best your monitoring needs. Prylada has extended connectivity capabilities and partners with the leading sensor manufacturers, so you are not limited in your choice.


 Equip your brewery with sensors and Prylada devices

The Prylada devices (Gateways) connect directly to sensors, which aggregate data from your co-located assets. You can also connect sensors to the Prylada Beacons to transmit data to the Gateway via a radio channel. The Beacons will help avoid using bundles of wires over your brewery and ensure perfect connectivity even in areas with poor network coverage.


Configure sensors remotely

After you’ve connected the sensors and Prylada devices, get back to your computer. You can configure the equipment remotely via the Prylada Cloud. Change the settings anytime and update the Gateway firmware over-the-air.


Visualize your data

Now you can either use the Prylada interface or push the data to an existing monitoring system. With the received data, you can make more accurate analysis, forecasts, and decisions on the beer production processes.

Key business values of integrating brewery monitoring solution

Low-cost implementation

Launch quickly, configure and scale at any moment without spending time on costly software adjustments.

Productivity optimization

Bringing automation into the brewery management allows brewers to reveal gaps in the existing management strategies and bridge them to increase productivity, efficiency, and product quality.

Reduced production costs

Constant monitoring and analysis of data from embedded sensors allow managers to detect overuse or inefficient usage of any resources (human, equipment, utilities) and react to them quickly.

High competitiveness

Smart coordination of the production chain allows delivering a high-quality product and saves time and effors of beer. This helps the company to strengthen their position on the market.

Optimize your beer production processes from mash to pint

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