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Prylada solution for smart warehouse monitoring

August 9, 2022



Olga Demidko

Olga Demidko

Content Manager

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Prylada offers a flexible IoT solution for warehouses to cover extensive requests in monitoring of assets/goods in different storage locations. Seamlessly add Prylada to existing WMS/ERP to improve visibility, transparency and efficiency of inventory processes.

Key challenges in warehousing

Prylada solution for smart warehouse monitoring-Key challenges in warehousing

How warehouse digitization works

Prylada is a full-fledged solution with a modular design and various connection interfaces. Enable warehouse monitoring and keep track of all stock-related processes by embedding remote sensors and collecting data from them in a single user-friendly interface.

Decide on your current challenges and define parameters to monitor

We support our customers at the planning stage to help you come up with the solution fitting best your monitoring needs. Prylada has extended connectivity capabilities and partners with the leading sensor manufacturers, so it does not limit you in your choice.

Embed the warehouse assets with sensors and Prylada devices

The Prylada devices (Gateways) connect directly to sensors, which aggregate data from the warehouse assets. You can also connect sensors to the Prylada Beacons to transmit data to the Gateway via a radio channel. The Beacons will help avoid using bundles of wires over your facility and ensure perfect connectivity even in areas with poor network coverage.

Configure sensors remotely

After you’ve connected the sensors and Prylada devices, feel free to get back to your laptop. You can configure the equipment remotely via the Prylada Cloud. Change the settings anytime and update the Gateway firmware over-the-air.

Visualize your data

Now you can either use the Prylada interface to orchestrate data insights or push the data to an existing monitoring system. Our team provides extensive support with configuration in both cases.

Automate your warehouse tracking

Optimize storage space use

Gather and analyze data about load grade of each pallet to rearrange goods and increase the storage density if needed.

Ensure safety and the best environment for stored goods

Prevent losses and damages of stored goods and warehouse furniture by monitoring the entire infrastructure. Maintain a high-quality standard for inventory storage and compliance with warehouse regulations.

Avoid emergencies by introducing preventive maintenance

Cover your storage area with a set of wireless measurement points to easily detect the need for maintenance of critical assets. The network of gas sensors might be used to ensure the safest conditions for explosive goods storage.

React immediately to prevent losses

Once readings from the connected sensors exceed or drop below the set thresholds, you will get the corresponding alarms to help you timely respond to potentially dangerous conditions and reduce risks of inventory damages.

Use visualization to improve processes

Optimize the company’s business processes using accurate data obtained with Prylada.

Scale your monitoring system, easy and fast

Whenever you want to expand your storage area or feel the necessity to track new parameters, you can add an unlimited number of devices and sensors to the existing network, without interrupting the warehouse operating processes.

Benefits of warehouse IoT-ization with Prylada

Low-cost implementation

Launch quickly, configure and scale at any moment without spending time on costly software adjustments.

Increased profitability

Maximize your profits with a smart and energy-efficient warehouse monitoring system

Reduced operating costs

Save your costs by optimizing storage processes, utilities use and maintenance expenses

Improved warehouse efficiency

Enrich your WMS insights with IoT data to get new opportunities for storage optimization.

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