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Prylada as an alternative to Google Cloud IoT Core

June 5, 2023


“Cloud IoT Core will be retired on August 16, 2023”, as published by Google in their release note dated August 16, 2022.

The approaching shutdown of the Cloud IoT Core has made the customers to seek other providers for their IoT tasks. Because they will no longer be able to get access to their IoT devices/machines and device managers from the Cloud IoT Core.

The following diagram summarizes the structure of the Cloud IoT Core and the data flow:

Source: Google guides

The solutions offered by Amazon and Microsoft are much more extensive than Google’s is. Still, a huge number of systems (including production environment) are still based on this service. Those who didn’t use the Cloud IoT Core, but considered it for their projects, now also have to find a proper replacement option. 

What should an alternative service provide?

By definition, an alternative surviсe must ensure coverage of the key functionalities of the service it substitutes. The Cloud IoT Core provides connection between IoT devices/machines and Google’s cloud services. However, this functionality is associated with many other features:    

  • System setup: It's possible to connect a multitude of devices into a single system for consistent data transfer. 
  • Connection security: Each device authenticates in the system with public and private key pairs in conjunction with JSON web tokens (JWT).
  • Central management: The device manager allows configuring and controlling all the connected devices remotely.
  • Managed infrastructure: The service infrastructure is highly scalable and fully managed. 
  • Integration capabilities: The system can be integrated with a variety of data and analytics services offered by Google. 

This is just what Prylada can cover with a single solution.

Solution from Prylada

Prylada is a complex IoT solution designed to collect data from physical assets and transport it to a remote control center for analysis and visualization.

The Prylada server can become a pretty simple and affordable replacement option for the users of the Cloud IoT Core. You don’t need to change a single line of code–the Prylada API is very similar to the Google API. So the migration process will be as quick and seamless as possible. 

The modular approach and flexibility of our solution allow you to connect all existing devices to the Prylada server. It means no additional costs for equipment replacement. Also, Prylada offers integration with any third-party platforms through various interfaces. 

The service migration is neither limited to a specific deployment option. The Prylada server can equally run on a public/private cloud or on-premises.  

So, what are the main functionalities of the Prylada server? 

  • Receiving telemetry, metadata, system log, and device state from the connected IoT devices to the server in real-time
  • Processing and analysis of the data collected from your devices
  • Remote configuration and management of the connected devices (by sending commands to them)

As you can see, this list includes alternative functionalities to those offered by the shutting down Cloud IoT Core. 

Solutions offered by Prylada


How you can benefit from migration to Prylada

The main purpose of Prylada fully coincides with Cloud IoT Core’s–enabling users to predict equipment maintenance requirements and optimize their performance in real-time.

At Prylada, we offer real flexibility at a reasonable price. Through that, our customers get more opportunities to build an efficient asset monitoring system and optimize their business processes. Our profound expertise in hardware, firmware, and software development allows us to figure out a solution to meet very specific requirements. Once migrated to the Prylada server, you get a further opportunity to scale the solution and use its full configuration potential.

  • Quick start: The migration process will take you little time and effort. Prylada is a complete solution from a single provider, so we will be able to solve any potential challenges arising on the way. 
  • Remote control: Once connected to the server, the sensors/devices are configured and managed from the Prylada admin panel. You can adjust the initial settings later, according to your preferences.
  • Over-the-air updates: You can also update the firmware of the Prylada gateways from the admin panel over-the-air (NB-IoT/LTE). The wireless updates in turn help keep the IoT infrastructure healthy, make it easier to introduce new features, and allow devices to stay longer in the field.
  • Connection security: We make communication between your assets and the Prylada server as secure as possible. For that, we apply the latest security methods, such as SSL/TLS Certificates, JWT, Encrypted Storage, etc. Prylada also supports a variety of globally recognized authentication protocols (OIDC, SAML) and standards, for example SSO, MFA, and FIM.
  • Integration capabilities: Our solution seamlessly integrates with any third-party systems and platforms. In every integration case, we offer several ecosystem scenarios and select the one that suits you best.  
  • Customization and individual approach. The modular design and wide communication capabilities of Prylada make it possible to tailor the solution for your specific case. 

Ready to discuss your specific migration requirements?

Our team focuses on solving real customer problems, which makes the basis of our individual approach. We bring additional value to your business through optimized monitoring of critical assets and reduced maintenance costs. 

What can you expect from us after submitting a request? 

  1. We will guide you through the Prylada tour based on the implemented projects. This will form a better understanding of the solution capabilities.
  1. Then our team will carefully study the existing problem, including thorough analysis of your specific situation and environment. At this stage, we usually come up with the optimal solution and provide an individual cost breakdown. 
  1. To demonstrate how the proposed solution will work in your environment, our specialists can build a prototype with the real devices. This helps achieve better integration with Prylada and fast delivery. Typically, we implement mid-size projects with additional customization within 1-2 months.

Prylada wants to support you in this complicated decision on data migration. Send us a line by submitting the contact form, and we will get back to you to find the best solution together.

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