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Observe your IT assets in colocation data center

July 12, 2022


Data center


Irina Baranovskaya

Irina Baranovskaya

Head of Marketing

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This article describes the Prylada solution for customers of colocation and temporary data centers. Learn how to monitor the storage conditions of your IT assets in colocation facilities. Prylada will help you ensure the best performance and maintain operational continuity of your equipment, independently of colocation providers.

Why monitoring of a colocation data center is essential

The ever-increasing demand for storage, processing, and efficient control of a large amount of information drives the constant need for data centers. Yet, deployment, staffing, and management of in-house IT facilities, as well as access to a building management system, may become an insurmountable barrier for some companies. That’s why collocations and temporary data centers represent the optimal solution to minimize costs and enable customers to focus on their business.

Collocations offer space and all-set infrastructure for companies to place their own IT assets there, under lease. However, along with the quick and cheap deployment and scalability they provide, multi-tenant data centers are more vulnerable to unplanned downtime, inefficient electrical operations, and more frequent equipment failures. All these risks and desire to avoid financial losses make the collocation customers seek reliable 24/7 access to their IT equipment and infrastructure conditions, independently of other tenants.  

What is Prylada and how it helps with colocation monitoring

Prylada is a great solution to take care of your vital IT assets installed in collocation facilities and improve their operational reliability. Whenever you lease a rack or full data center space, you can monitor the preferred infrastructure parameters by connecting Prylada to the relevant assets. You will especially benefit from overall observability if you use a mix of in-house and third-party data center services.  

Prylada aggregates as much actionable data as you need to help you improve efficiency and resiliency of your equipment. With the received data, you can make more accurate analysis, forecasts and decisions on the uptime, power consumption, environmental conditions, and billing. A full picture of operational processes also helps you define the necessity for extra space and improve capacity planning.

With Prylada, you will get the maximum value out of your assets along the life cycle of your leased or temporary data center, while ensuring solid longevity of the equipment.

What you can monitor with Prylada

Observe your IT assets in colocation data center - What you can monitor with Prylada

Make your asset monitoring easier

Observe personal assets in multi-tenant data center

Prylada helps you get remote access to your IT equipment placed in a colocation data center, by embedding it with various sensors. Data from the sensors are transferred to the Prylada Cloud or an existing monitoring system, where it’s visualized with intuitive widgets and charts. This enables all-round 24/7 observation of the entire colocation infrastructure and its impact on your personal assets housed there, ensuring the safest conditions for them.

Example of Prylada dashboards for colocation customers

Set infrastructure monitoring in temporary data center from scratch

Prylada is a self-sufficient and complex solution with the modular design: hardware, firmware and software modules. Each module is highly customizable and may comprise several submodules, depending on your specific requirements. With such a modular approach and a wide variety of sensors, you will be up and running with a monitoring system in a deployable data center quickly and easily. Whenever you need to move your data center to another place – Prylada is easily disassembled.

Configure and maintain Prylada remotely

Set all embedded devices remotely via the Prylada admin panel or an existing monitoring system – no need to handle the equipment on-site. Adjust settings anytime and automatically update the firmware over-the-air.

Power Prylada over Internet (PoE)

The Prylada devices can power via twisted-pair Ethernet cabling, which simplifies their inclusion into an existing cabling system. You don’t need to adjust the data center infrastructure and provide a separate power source for new components.

Bring visibility to your IT assets living conditions

Typically, colocation providers monitor their infrastructure internally, while tenants are limited in the possibility to check if their assets are maintained in a proper environment. With the Prylada Cloud, you will get all measurements from distributed sensors in a single user-friendly interface, where the data is processed, displayed and stored. Keep informed and alerted with the critical events happening in the data center.

Scale your monitoring system, easy and fast

Whenever you want to expand your data center, or feel the necessity to track new infrastructure parameters, you can add an unlimited number of sensors to the existing network, without interrupting the ongoing monitoring processes.

What you get with Prylada

Data-driven analysis  

Get full observability of your assets to make accurate analysis of their performance and storage conditions, based on real values. Predict any failures and the necessity for maintenance.

Individual approach and customization

Get a tailored solution exclusively for your case with the modular design and extended communication capabilities of Prylada. Flexibility of the solution provides easy integration with any existing system. Launch quickly, adjust and scale at any moment.

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