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Prylada Server

Central panel for remote configuration and unified management of IoT devices included in your asset monitoring system.

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Why do you need the Prylada Server?

The primary function of the Prylada Server is to centrally administer a vast array of Prylada or third-party IoT devices, including gateways, transmitters, and beacons. With the server, you don’t need to manually check the battery level, operating status, and firmware version in all connected devices. The opportunity of remote configuration, automatic firmware updates, and clear visualization makes critical asset monitoring a straightforward and well-coordinated process, with cost-saving potential.

Device control
Device control

Configure, monitor, and support all connected IoT devices without the need for on-premises presence.

Data analysis
Data analysis

Make informed decisions based on the data insights derived from remote asset monitoring.

Data storage
Data storage

Aggregate all data from your assets in one place with secure role-based access to it.

Data security
Data security

Ensure your asset data is transferred and stored according to the latest security standards.

Data visualization
Data visualization

Gain full observability of your critical assets with a single intuitive interface.

Third-party integration
Third-party integration

Transfer data from your assets to any third-party management system for unified control and more extensive analysis.

Modular architecture of the Prylada Server

The server typically includes three modules given below, but can be extended for additional opportunities by your request.
Infrastructure module
Infrastructure module

Enables remote device configuration, over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates, and configuration of various system components. It offers universal configuration options for sensors and gateways, serving as a central control hub for all infrastructure-related operations. This module is also responsible for data security.

Analytics and visualization module
Analytics and visualization module

Extracts valuable information from unstructured data and reacts according to predefined scenarios. Also, provides a user interface for telemetry visualization and device troubleshooting.

Integration module
Integration module

Provides a simple solution for integration with client’s data collection, analysis, and management tools.

Operating principle

The Prylada Server receives and processes telemetry, metadata, system log, and device state from the IoT infrastructure in real-time. Depending on the monitoring environment, you can observe this data, as well as configure and manage the devices, from a web, desktop, or mobile application. This becomes possible due to the opportunity of running the server on the Prylada Cloud, a private cloud, or on-premises.

Server operating principle schemeServer operating principle scheme

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Centralized control via admin panel

Configure and manage thousands of hard-to-reach IoT devices from a remote control panel. You can connect both the Prylada devices and any third-party IoT assets.

Simplified device maintenance

Use remote firmware updates and battery checks to optimize maintenance time and resources.

Programmable operating scenarios

Create, manage, and execute different operating scenarios using the power of programmable logical controllers.

Single sign-on

Easily access your server account and other services you are registered in with a single set of credentials.

Unlimited scalability

Connect and configure new devices in minutes whenever you need to expand your monitoring system.

Fast, user-friendly interface

Bring more efficiency into the work of your technicians with an easy-to-learn and quick-to-navigate custom dashboards.

Available license options

Use a license option that is most suitable for you:

Custom licensing agreements

Hybrid licensing

Perpetual license (including OEM options) 

Usage-based pricing (subscription)

Coordinate all your asset monitoring tasks from a single remote panel with the Prylada Server

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