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What’s the future of Prylada without Google’s Cloud IoT service?

September 8, 2022

What’s the future of Prylada without Google’s Cloud IoT service?

In the context of the latest news about shutting down Google’s Cloud IoT service, we decided to discuss potential consequences of that for Prylada.

Let’s start from the very beginning and answer the first question:

Will phasing out the IoT Core affect Prylada or not?

The answer is “Yes, it will”. Prylada will be affected a lot.
Initially, the Prylada Cloud was completely based on Google’s IoT Core. It means that around 80% of the Prylada Cloud architecture used the IoT Core components. It was reasonable in terms of saving time and efforts when designing a new product; BUT it was unacceptable to rely on such a huge dependency on third-party solutions later on, even if it’s the Google itself. Moreover, our experienced team couldn’t but provide an “airbag” for our customers (or we just might have predicted such a turn of events, who knows).

Past half year, the Prylada team has been working on implementation of the on-premises solution to provide a reliable alternative to the Prylada Cloud. Technically, Prylada already decoupled from Google by introducing a cloud-independent deployment option. This will also ensure a seamless transition from the Cloud for our customers.

Does it mean that Prylada is already set to run without Google?

Nope. As said at the beginning, Google’s phasing out will affect Prylada a lot. Prylada still has to continue with another web service provider, whether it’s AWS or Microsoft, or even … Google. In this case, Prylada doesn’t need an IoT cloud, but simply a hosting to deploy its cloud-independent solution. The difference between such transition and transition to another IoT cloud (that is transition between production environments) is that the last one is a risky and problematic business.

What is Prylada?

Prylada is a complex IoT solution designed to collect data from distributed infrastructure assets and transport it to a central monitoring software for analysis and visualization. With Prylada, you can turn the collected data into high-value information to empower your business.