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HM23 for Prylada: Industrial monitoring, new sensor platform, energy harvesting

May 5, 2023

HM23 for Prylada: Industrial monitoring, new sensor platform, energy harvesting

From 17-21 April, our team took part in Hannover Messe 2023–the world's leading trade fair for industry. 4,000 companies from the mechanical engineering, electrical and digital industries as well as the energy sector showcased technologies and solutions for a connected and climate-neutral industry. Prylada was among them. 

This time, we focused more on the demonstration of Prylada usage for condition monitoring at production facilities. Sensors embedded with industrial machines collect data and send it to a remote control center for further processing and analysis. This helps visualize all operational processes and equipment condition in real-time.

Based on analysis of the data received from sensors, engineers and managers can assess the current situation, detect any production bottlenecks, predict arising problems with the machines, and take the necessary actions to prevent unexpected downtime. 

Prylada’s visitors had a chance to see the real devices that make part of the Prylada ecosystem and learn more on the specific of their application:

  • Prylada IoT Gateway - collects data from sensors and wirelessly transfers it to a control panel for analysis and visualization.
  • Probeberry Gateway - designed to collect data from sensors and transfer it to a remote control panel through wired interfaces. 
  • Probeberry Testbench - designed to enable any type of device under test to communicate with a PC and different types of hardware. 
  • PryladaRF Shield - installed into the Prylada IoT Gateway to enable a radio channel for data transfer, thus expanding the wireless communication capabilities of Prylada.
  • PryladaRF Beacon - connected directly to sensors and transport data from them to the Prylada gateways via a radio channel.
  • PryladaSerial Shield - installed into the Prylada IoT Gateway to enable 4 additional interfaces for data transfer: RS232, RS485, I2C, and SDI12.

But most of all our guests paid attention to a newly developed sensor platform. 

True Wireless Sensor Platform is a wireless sensor/sensor platform that uses Sub-1 GHz channel to transfer data to a host/gateway. The platform is currently at the final stage of development, and in a few weeks will be available for order. It can be used as a stand-alone solution or part of the Prylada ecosystem. 

The new platform will change the way physical asset tracking is organized in general. The main advantage of the platform is that it lets almost any sensor go truly wireless. In turn, wireless data collection from your critical assets will greatly simplify the monitoring process, reduce the number of cables in your facilities, and ensure real-time alarm management in case of emergency. 

Permanent condition monitoring at production facilities requires constant operation of sensors and other devices in the monitoring network. In such circumstances, energy saving practices play an important role for reducing total production and maintenance costs. The energy harvesting feature helps True Wireless Sensor Platfrom maximize the battery lifetime and ensure uninterrupted monitoring with low power consumption. 

To demonstrate the energy harvesting feature of the platform during the trade fair, we connected the sensor platform to a mini music speaker. The vibration generated by the speaker was enough to power the platform, which was also witnessed by the green light indicator. No battery was required for the device to operate. You can watch a video demonstration of the feature by Dzmitry Tsybulka, Chairman of Prylada, by this link

While demonstating the Prylada solutions to representatives from machinery and manufacturing, we were excited to learn that there are still a lot of large factories with manual or no critical asset monitoring. The advantage a manufacturer can get from automated monitoring increases with the growth of the factory. Because the more loaded the production–the higher losses from unexpected shutdowns provoked by equipment failures. 

This onсe again underlined the importance and value of the Prylada end-to-end approach. By making the solution modular and offering all the components needed to build an intelligent monitoring system (hardware, firmware, and software), we provide a complex response to manufacturers’ request. And here’s the thing: the faster a manufacturer will bring automation–the faster they will start gaining value from condition monitoring and preventive maintenance of their critical machines.

Watch a one-minute flashback to the whole week at HANNOVER MESSE 2023 by Prylada showcasing its solutions for intelligent asset monitoring.

We would like to express our gratitude to the organizers of this awesome networking space and everyone who spent their time to come see us and talk to us. We were happy to witness this bright event, and now we are happy to get back to start working on new projects.  

What is Prylada?

Prylada is a complex IoT solution designed to collect data from distributed infrastructure assets and transport it to a central monitoring software for analysis and visualization. With Prylada, you can turn the collected data into high-value information to empower your business.